A bit different morning

2016-10-27 01:21:04
The human body enters a particular state when we go to sleep. Vital functions are working more casual, but the brain remains awake to give us dreams that we need for a good sleep. In the morning, these vital functions begin to enter the normal pace of activity, we are in that time of the morning, when we find ourselves in the middle between a good sleep and waking up in the morning.
I was in this period when my wonderful cat began to meow. So do each time, signaling that must eat. After I heard some shouts from him, telling me that I must necessarily wake to feed him, I heard a voice: what time is it?
I opened my eyes in a proportion of 20% and I looked at my watch … watch both languages ​​were in the middle, facing down. Although I thought that my dream is happening, I said, it’s 6:30! I woke up quickly, I went to give him the little tiger to eat, and after I did what everybody else morning (washing, welded, repaired, dressed), I looked at the clock again …
It was 5:50, the cat already had eaten everything, and I woke up an hour earlier than it should have. I caught a little of LA Ink on TV, then I went to work. In this way, I want to thank my cat for a wonderful morning.
But even I caught the sun that I had not seen for a long time
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