Telecomanda 433MHZ universala

1. Duplicate Your Existing Remote Controllers, such as Vehicle central locking systems, Garage doors, Electronic gates, Electrical appliances, Car sunroofs, Heating systems, etc.

2. Works with the following remote control module chips (please check your exisiting remote control before ordering)
PT2260.PT2262.PT2264,PT2240.SC2260,SC2262,CS5211,HX2260,HX2262,HS2262,EV1527,HS1527,HS2260,FP527,HX1527, SMC918,AX5026.SMC926

3. Operation method:
a. Clear the copy remote controller: Long press the above two keys at the same time and release your hand when the light flash quickly.
b. Copy: Press the button of the copyed remote control with one hand, and press the button of the new remote control with the other hand, keep for a few seconds, release when the new remote control lights flash quickly, then the copy succeeds.
c. Use: If all the above operation succeed, the romote control can be used dirtectly. If it can not work, please operate again from Clearing.
d. Recover: If you meet misoperation and cancle useful codes, before re-copy, you can press the below two keys at the same time for 2 seconds and release when the lights flash quickly, then the control will be recovered.

4. Note:
a. The essential condition for the selection of the remote control: the copyed remote control operates normal, chip is compatible and frequency is correct.
b. Before buying, please make sure the copyed remote control operating frequency or choose & buy the frequency adjustable type remote control.
c. Before buying, please confirm whether your remote control can be copyed or not.
Our remote control can copy the fixed codes and learning codes (Common chips include PT2262, PT2264, PT2260, PT2240, EV1527, FP527, etc.) rather than stealth codes. It can't copy original car remote control, two-way remote control and rolling code remote control (Rolling code chips start with HCS commonly, such as HCS200, HCS201, HCS300, HCS301, etc)

5. Specifications:
Channels: 4
Frequency: 433MHz
Material: Plastic, Metal
Dimensions: 56 x 30 x 13mm/2.2"x1.18"x0.51"

Pret: 25 Ron
Tel.: 0744880047

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